Tuesday, November 19, 2013

5 MUST Have Makeup Brushes

Trying to figure out which makeup brushes you need to add to, or begin your collection can be daunting at best, especially for someone who is just starting out. With so many brushes available, trying to decide which ones to add to your makeup arsenal can be overwhelming. However, having the correct brushes can make all the difference in the your makeup application. 

#1 Eyeshadow Brush

The brush: A small, stiff, flat natural brush

Why you need it: This is the brush you need to apply allover eyeshadow color, as it will give your lids a smooth finish and more intense pigment than a fluffier brush would. 

How to use it: Sweep shadow over the lids from the inside of the eye, outwards.

#2 Shading/Blending Brush

The brush: Similar to the eye shadow brush but with softer bristles. 

Why you need it: "This is the ultimate blending brush for eyes," says Zizzo, as it can really get into the crease of your eye and define your lid with precision. 

How to use it: "Dip the tip of the brush into [your] eyeshadow using a circular motion and then tap off the excess [product]" she says. Then, "just using the tip of the brush, start on the outer edge of the eye crease and blend backwards and forwards through the crease using a windshield wiper action," advises Zizzo. This will contour your eye and work to give you a smoky eye look.

#3 Blush Brush
The brush: A soft, medium-sized dome-shaped natural brush. 

Why you need it: A blush brush that is ultra soft and has long bristles, so as not to "disturb foundation or irritate the skin," is ideal for giving color and life to the cheeks, says Dean. 

How to use it: Use the brush to sweep blush and bronzer upwards onto the cheekbones -- from the apple of the cheek up towards the ear.

#4 Liner Brush

The brush: A small angled natural or synthetic brush.

Why you need it: It's multi-purpose as it can be used on your lashline for eyeliner and your brow to fill it in. Plus it is the most user-friendly of the eyeliner brushes due to its easy-to-maneuver slanted angle. 

How to use it: To apply liner, Zizzo suggests placing the brush on the inner corner of the eye and pressing into the lashline, "walking" the brush across to create a perfect line. She also says to create "a winged edge," by simply pulling "out slightly past the edge of the eye." For the eyebrows, use it to "fill in sparse brows with powder," by using short strokes over your natural brow shape, says Dean.

#5 Concealer Brush

The brush: Tapered, round edges.

Why you need it: The rounded edge to allow you to get into the small crevices of your face, like under your eyes and around your nose. 

How to use it: Dab in your brush and sweep over the area that needs concealer, then dab in the concealer using the brush and blend out the edges with the brush.

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