Monday, November 11, 2013

Natural Beauty - Why go organic?

We all know about this fairly new concept of organic food, organic makeup and even organic clothes. But not all of us are sure what it means and if the products really are good and helpful, so to those of you who still are confused, this article should help you clarify things!

We have to admit that sometimes we hesitate to put on a complete makeup because we’ve heard it’s bad for the skin and it ruins our complexion.  But we shouldn’t exaggerate – even if the origins of makeup weren’t so skin-friendly, the cosmetics industry has progressed enormously.

So, what are organic cosmetics?
Recently, in our new generation of cosmetics we can find products that are 100% harmless to the skin- organic cosmetics.

The first distinction you need to make: Organic does not mean natural, but more than that! Whether it's daily creams or eye-shadow, products are manufactured with 95%-100% natural ingredients.

The novelty is that the plants from which the ingredients are extracted are grown without chemical fertilizers and the manufacturing process does not involve radiation or genetic modifications.
So that means: no synthetic fragrances, no artificial colors, no harmful fillers. Yay!
For example, Younique products offer natural alternatives to makeup. In their formula, you will only find plant and mineral ingredients, natural botanical extracts and antioxidants for a pure, gentle and beautiful makeup.

Organic Must-Haves:

  •   RefreshedPure & Natural Rose Water - Use as a quick splash of revitalizing moisture for a botanical boost or mix with Moodstruck Minerals Pigment Powders for a smooth and creamy application.

  •         BB Flawless Complexion Enhancer- Lightweight, creamy, and a perfect base for their powder concealers. It covers imperfections, but also soothes and moisturizes your skin at the same time. 

  •        MoodstruckMinerals Blushser – Apply blush on the cheeks, slightly smiling, to obtain a revitalised, gorgeous look! Blush helps to give a touch of color exactly where needed.

  •             LucrativeLip Gloss – It’s a known fact that us women " eat " about five lipsticks during our lifetime. This is not a problem with lipstick that contains vitamins rather than chemicals. Choose the Lucrative lip-gloss for a rich spread of color, very smooth and highly pigmented, for a bright, bold, or subtle shines to your lips!

Ok, now I know what they are, but why should I use them?

Given that our body absorbs about 60% of the contents of creams, oils or lotions applied to the skin, it’s highly indicated that they are as gentle as they can be. Otherwise, we can develop different rashes, irritations, or most importantly - hormonal and metabolic imbalances.

The solution to staying healthy and beautiful is to use non-toxic products, such as the high-quality makeup from Younique.

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