Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Eye Shadows to Complement Your Eye Color

Do you have a hard time deciding what colors to buy that would compliment you the best? 
Well, here's your answer! 
All of Younique's mineral eye pigments are 100% natural and made in the USA! You can purchase them individually or in groups of 4 for a discount! 
These pigments can be used wet or dry (if you want to use them wet I would recommend using the Refreshed Rosewater, it gives it a creamier consistency than using just water) 
You will find all of these colors on their website plus 14 more!
Add some of their FAMOUS 3D Fiber Mascara for some added DRAMA 
You will ADORE the look and feel of these mineral pigments! 
Go make snag your colors and make those peepers POP! 

Find all of these colors at the official Younique website

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