Sunday, January 12, 2014

EVERY Red Lipstick Trick You Need to Know!

Here you'll find every trick and tip there is to keep that gorgeous red lipstick in place and how to keep it there all day. No Joker lips here, gals!

First, Find the best shade for your skin tone.

Get Healthy Lips:
Color absolutely will not stick to dry, flaky, chapped lips. Get them silky smooth:

1. Using a disposable mascara wand or toothbrush, apply a generous amount of lip balm directly on your lips.
2. Scrub back and forth, up and down and in small circular motions in the same fashion you would brush your teeth. Really work on the flaky areas until the loose skin gently breaks off.
3. Wrap a tissue around your finger and remove any flaky residue.

A lot of beauty experts recommend applying a layer of concealer or foundation. It creates a smooth surface, will help the pigments of your color stick and give them an extra little pop. I always recommend BB Cream though. Why? It's infused with moisturizer -- perfect to help keep your lips looking silky all day. 

Line Your Lips the Correct Way
Lip pencils often receive an unjustly chilly reception with lipstick shoppers because the products are so often misused. Pencils are not intended to draw a ring around the lips to corral the lipstick in place. While this will stop lipstick from feathering, it also wears unevenly and looks harsh. Pick a lip liner color that is slightly lighter than the intended lipstick color to keep the look soft and youthful.

Instead of encircling the lips with the pencil, start at the center of the lower lip and lightly fill in the entire surface. Repeat the process with the top lip. Starting in the middle of the lips instead of on the edges ensures that the most intense color will be near the center of the mouth. This technique helps keep the telltale ring of lip liner from appearing as lipstick fades.

Apply then Blot: 
After applying lipstick, blot it with a tissue and apply a new layer. Blotting removes excess oils and emollients from the first layer of lipstick while leaving the pigments largely intact. Adding a second layer of lipstick after blotting increases the pigment concentration relative to the creamy ingredients that are the enemies of lipstick longevity.

The Tissue Trick:
Apply a thin tissue over the lips & apply a loose powder using a brush. The powder helps keep the color in place.

Gloss it Up:
Gloss keeps your lips hydrated after your put on your lipstick and gives them a glowing, fuller appearance. Younique Lucrative Lip Gloss is gluten-free and super silky -- none of the sticky, icky grossness.

Enjoy your beautiful pouter!

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