Saturday, September 13, 2014

Get Super Shiny Hair with Natural Ingredients

We all want hair with massive shine, right? Well, did you know that the solution to getting glossy hair lies right in your kitchen or the nearest grocery store? You don’t need expensive branded hair products and you definitely don’t need to spend huge amounts of money on them. Because the ingredients that we are about to discuss are cost effective, and since they are organic and natural, they have no side effects that harsh chemicals have.

Many people would say mayonnaise sounds icky and gross. And it’s so fattening, so better to stay away from it, right? WRONG! Only a few people know that mayonnaise is really made from egg yolks, oil and vinegar/lemon juice. The protein from egg yolks complement the keratin protein that your hair is made out of, and it strengthens the shaft from within. In addition, the oil conditions it and gives it shine. I personally like to call it my hair marshal, since it’s got so many nutritious items all combined into one.

How to Apply:
Apply directly, giving special attention to the ends of your hair. Don’t rub too much in the scalp, and then cover your hair with a shower cap or a plastic bag, so that it doesn’t dry out, and the hair can absorb as much of the goodness as possible. Rinse it out with water after letting it sit for an hour, and then shampoo and condition like normal. You will be able to feel the difference afterwards.

Apple Cider Vinegar
Did you know that you can use apple cider vinegar as a rinse after shampooing your hair? This regime is an important part of my hair care routine. Not only will it give your hair massive shine, it will also restore the pH of your hair, and rid of dry flakes and scalp itchiness.

How to Apply:
Just add 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar along with ½ table spoon of rose water to 1 liter of water, and use this diluted mixture to pour over your hair. Be careful not to rinse your hair with it more than twice a week and do always dilute it according to the instructions given since apply cider vinegar alone is pretty acidic.

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