Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Everything You Need to Know About Blush

One of the biggest beauty blunders made is blush gone wrong. It's meant to be a natural and subtle looking makeup. Too much and we're looking like Bozo the Clown; too little and you'll just look dull. Lucky for us, there's a few SIMPLE tips to nail the perfect look.

The Right Shade: SO simple! When picking a cheek color, you want to use a color as close as possible to that of your lips or your natural blush color.

The Right Tool: Make sure to have a high-quality blush brush on hand. The angled bristles makes it easy to contour the face or to sculpt the cheekbones with great precision and little effort and also the bristles are firm enough to pick up the right amount of product, but also soft enough to feel comfortable on the skin. (Younique's brushes are amazing! They have an inner high-quality copper ferrule so they'll never rust, are made to last a lifetime, and are cruelty-free.)

Application: Place a small amount of blush onto the brush and tap off any excess. For the most natural look, begin your blush application at the top of the apple of your cheek. The idea is to deposit most of the pigment where rosiness would first appear naturally, if you were simply flushing. If you can’t see where that spot is, smile to push the apples up. Then, placing the color on the part that lies directly below your pupil, blend outward, toward the ear.

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