Friday, December 20, 2013

Make Your Razor Last Longer!

Razors are expensive. Cut down on your costs by extending their shower-shelf life!

Alcohol: Just fill a cup about halfway with rubbing alcohol and place your razor inside, but just make sure that the rubbing alcohol that you are using is 70 percent or higher. The water content in 70 percent rubbing alcohol could make the blades rust faster rather than preventing it.

Baby Oil: When you are done using your razor, shake off any remaining water and apply a little bit of baby oil to the blades. This will keep the blades moisturized while also preventing the blades from rusting. When you go to use your razor the next time, it will be silky smooth.

Jean Trick: Running the blades over a pair of old blue jeans a few times keeps the blades sharp and will prevent nicks and cuts next time you use the razor. Just gently swipe the razor over a pair of old jeans one way and then a few times the opposite direction. The first time I tried this trick, I was amazed at how much longer my razor did last.

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