Monday, February 24, 2014

Beauty Quiz: Find Your Signature Lip Gloss

My list of guilty pleasures runs the gamut from the tame to the wild. Taking beauty quizzes falls somewhere between eating cronuts for breakfast three days in a row to wearing glitter eyeliner during the daytime. Assuming your vices are similar, I'm presenting a highly scientific quiz today to help you find your signature lip color. Read through and tell me your answers – no need to feel an ounce of guilt afterwards.

1. On a Saturday night, you’ll most likely be found:
A) Getting cocktails at your favorite spot
B) Relaxing on the couch with a glass of wine and magazine
C) Shopping with girlfriends, of course
D) Who knows – your Saturdays are never the same
E) Checking out the buzzed-about secret speakeasy that just opened

2. Your favorite style of handbag is:
A) A timeless tote bag
B) A versatile cross-body
C) A cute satchel
D) Anything with studs or tassels
E) A sleek envelope clutch

3. When you go out, you feel prettiest wearing:
B) Your favorite vintage dress
C) A lace dress and pumps
D) A patterned top and flirty swing skirt
E) Leather leggings

4. You tend to date men who:
A) Are courteous and gentlemanly
B) Are easygoing
C) Treat you like a queen
D) Can make you laugh easily
E) Introduce you to new things

5. Your nails are usually:
A) Red, gray or navy
B) Bare
C) Sporting a French manicure
D) Bold and bright
E) Flaunting a half-moon or textured mani

6. You like to start your mornings off with:
A) Eggs and toast
B) Oatmeal or a bran muffin
C) A yogurt parfait
D) Last night’s leftovers
E) A green juice

7. Your fashion icon is:
A) Marilyn Monroe
B) Alexa Chung
C) Audrey Hepburn
D) Zooey Deschanel
E) Victoria Beckham

8. Your guilty pleasure:
A) Champagne
B) 2AM carb overload
C) Chocolate
D) Wearing leggings as pants
E) Staying out until the sun rises

9. The artist you can never get tired of listening to:
A) Mozart
B) Fleetwood Mac
C) Katy Perry
D) Spice Girls
E) Solange Knowles

10. The most–read book on your bookshelf is:
A) Gone With the Wind
B) A Lonely Planet Guidebook
C) Martha Stewart’s Entertaining: A Year of Celebrations
D) Fifty Shades of Grey
E) Anything by Haruki Murakami


Mostly A’s: Red
Classic, sophisticated and timeless – your signature lip color is red. You stick to what you know works, and know you’ll look fabulous doing it. Crazy trends and diet fads? You’ll pass. But heaven forbid people mistake you for a square – you’re not afraid to go bold for the right time and occasion.

Mostly B’s: Nude
Down to earth and low maintenance, you’re the peacemaker among your group of friends and the one your girlfriends call when they need to vent. You would rather explore a new hiking trail than stand hours waiting in line at a designer sample sale, but you know how to knock ‘em dead when the occasion arises. After all, we all know the best pairing for a nude lip is a sexy smoky eye…

Mostly C’s: Pink
Your wardrobe is filled with feminine, romantic frocks and a string of pearls is your most-worn accessory. On a weekend, you can be found sipping mimosas at brunch with your best girlfriends or shopping for dresses at the cute boutique on the corner. You have a weakness for sparkly things and nothing sends your heart aflutter more than flowers and a perfectly penned note from a secret admirer. That, or diamond earrings.

Mostly D’s: Coral
Sassy, irreverent and quirky – coral is your lipstick color of choice. While others may shy away from the unknown, you’re always up for anything and know not to take life too seriously. Your friends might know you as the one who’s always running late, but once you arrive, you’re the life of the party.  The key to your heart? Anything (or anyone) who can make you laugh.

Mostly E’s: Plum
Getting voted “Most Stylish” in high school was just the start of your fashion trailblazing ways. You count Vogue as your Bible and start every morning with a cup of green juice in hand, clicking through all your favorite fashion blogs. While others admire trends from afar, you’re always the first to rock them in person. You jumped on the ombré obsession first and you cheered when Radiant Orchid was deemed the Pantone Color of the Year – mainly because you’ve been rocking purple lips for years already.

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