Thursday, February 20, 2014

Makeup Brushes Every Girl Should Own

Excuse me while I geek out for a moment, but nothing excites us quite like the thrill of brand new makeup brushes. Pristinely clean and those soft bristles…swoon. You may or may not share our same enthusiasm for beauty tools, but if you’re in the market for makeup brushes it’s important to know what you need. The options are plentiful, but there’s something out there crafted for exactly what you want to do. Let me help you find that. 

Flat Concealer Brush: The flat rounded tip makes blending around the contours of the face a breeze. Use one side to apply concealer to under-eye circles, then flip it over and use the clean side to blend.

Personal pick: Younique Concealer Brush - totally non-porous and non-absorptive to ensure a light application and will help your concealer last longer. My own very own "magic" brush!

Precision Concealer Brush: This concealer brush is smaller and comes to a point allowing for more precise application. Use it to conceal blemishes and littler imperfections and to clean up the lines after applying a bold lip color.

Personal pick: Younique Liner/Shader Brush - the shader end blends soft areas of mineral pigments and moves fluidly and easily for a diffused and blended finish. Who doesn't love a twofer?

Eyeliner/brow Brush: A small angled natural or synthetic brush. It's multi-purpose as it can be used on your lashline for eyeliner and your brow to fill it in. Plus it is the most user-friendly of the eyeliner brushes due to its easy-to-maneuver slanted angle.

Personal pickYounique Liner/Shader Brush - the liner brush end creates smooth and even lines. Use wet with mineral shadows for a creamy liner "paste" that will define the eyes.

Powder Brush: Loosely packed bristles make for one big, fluffy brush with a rounded shape.Use it with loose or pressed powders, just tap off the excess before using sweeping motions to brush it across the face.

Personal pickPowder Puff Brush - they are made with real capra animal hair and extremely soft, oh so perfect for applying dry loose powders onto the skin!

Blush Brush: A more compact powder brush that can be used to apply cheek color. Smile to locate the apples of the cheek, and use short strokes to dust powder out toward the hairline.
Personal pickYounique Blusher Brush - it provides precise placement of color because of its deliberate slanted shape and absorbent qualities, resulting in a truly sculpted appearance!

Eye Shadow Brush: A small, stiff, flat natural brush you need to apply allover eye shadow
color. It will give your lids a smooth finish and more intense pigment than a fluffier brush would. Sweep shadow over the lids from the inside of the eye, outwards.

Personal pickDeluxe Brush - uniformly covers the whole lid for a quick, even, strong application of color. All Younique makeup brush have an inner high-quality copper ferrule which means it won't rust when you use them wet or dry! 

Crease Brush: Blends and contours in the crease and corners of the eye. This domed bristle brush picks up eye color and sweeps it onto the eyelid to create bold definition. Great for smudging shadow into the lash line for a smoky effect. 

Personal pick: Younique Crease Brush - I use just the tip to apply color, sweep back and forth in the upper crease or around the eyes for precise color. My essential brush for creating a perfect smoky eyes!



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