Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Conceal Like a Pro with Moodstruck Mineral Concealer

How many times did you find yourself at the drugstore, at the make up counter, on the internet, wondering what you really need to buy to cover your under eye bags, a pimple, you name it.

Moodstruck Mineral Concealer is great for covering acne or acne scars. It won’t make your acne worse like many cream concealers do. That’s why it’s the better choice for young or teenage skin. You can use the Concealer Brush for natural coverage, or you can use the Liner/Shader Brush which is perfect for spot coverage.

It’s also good for covering that redness that some people have around the nostril area. Or if you have any hyperpigmentation or large areas to conceal, it’s better to use loose mineral concealer. When you try to cover too large of an area with cream concealer, and then add a layer of foundation, it can look really obvious. Loose mineral concealer will have a more flawless appearance.

For those of you who think that loose concealer is too messy, the best advice is to only poke one hole in the sifter. Just one! This will keep everything clean and contained. Open the jar upside down keeping the lid in your palm, and work from the minerals in the lid. Tap the brush so there’s not excess powder, and apply in a patting motion. You can diffuse the edges with a swiping motion. With loose mineral concealer, it’s better to apply your foundation first. Let your foundation cover what it’s going to cover and then go back and see what needs more coverage. That way you won’t spend all your time carefully concealing certain spots, only to brush on your foundation and mess it all up. 

Order one today and start having a flawless complexion!

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