Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Eyeliner tips

It's a known fact that eyeliner is as beautiful as intimidating: it requires a certain mastery on applying it. If you're a beginner, it will require that you learn how to steady your hands and do some touch ups. If you're already a pro, these are some tips that will most certainly help to keep the black line in its place:

  • Let it dry: if you want to avoid the liner on your crease, allow it to dry for about 30 seconds with your lids closed. This will prevent the liner to be pressed against the lid.
  • Use a primer: I must confess, eyelid primers are one of the best inventions in makeup, as it will allow your eyeliner (and even your eye shadow) to stay in place through the whole day. But if you don't have a primer, use a concealer before applying the liquid liner, it will help it hold in place and will avoid the rest of the eyelid to become greasy.
  • Seal it with powder: after having the liner shaped, use an angled brush to seal it with a powder eye shadow over the liner.
  • Apply the mascara after the eyeliner: it's one of the most repeated mistakes by beginners, to apply the mascara before the eyeliner, thinking that the mascara will work as a support. The problem is if you apply the liner after the mascara, it tends to displace the lashes, causing clumps.
  • Choose a waterproof formula: it's simple, it lasts longer, especially if you suffer in the upcoming allergy season (watery eyes will thank you by choosing a waterproof formula).