Saturday, March 29, 2014

Foundation, Concealer, Primer and Powder - What are they?

You just started to be interested in makeup and still confuse Foundation, with Concealer? You don't know what a Primer is for, or the use of a setting Powder? Or maybe you already have your own makeup habits but these complexion products still confuse you? Let's get them all straight:

In order of what goes on your face:

  • Primer, there are many different primers for different skin problems but the main goal for most primers is to boost makeup longevity and to create a smooth canvas. Try the Younique Glorious Face & Eye Primer to create a flawless canvas as it evens out the skin's texture, and primes and prepares the skin for premium application of mineral makeup.
  • Concealer and Foundation, I don't think it really matters which order for these two if you are just covering dark circles. But if you have spots I would apply the foundation first and then use the concealer to cover any spots still showing. 
Concealer is usually thicker than foundation and is used to add more coverage over a certain area. Try the Moodstruck Minerals Concealer from Younique, as it is 100% natural and chemical-free. The Foundation is usually a Medium coverage and is used to even out your complexion.
  • Setting powder, not to be confused with powder foundation, sets your makeup to boost longevity and to decrease shine. I recommend using a flat top powder brush to apply this, pat do not brush across foundation as it will move it and you will end up with uneven patches.

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