Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Is the "No Make Up" the new trend?

Cameron Diaz and Nicole Ritchie started this back in December but apparently it's becoming fashion! Last week on Paris Fashion Week Giambattista Valli's models graced the catwalk looking clear and clean, as if they were just out of the spa.

Stella McCartney went the minimalist way and presented her catwalk models in a sparse foundation layer.
So I wonder: is the minimalist make up, clear and sheer face the new trend for Fall/Winter 2014?
Gladly Younique has a wide range of choice when it comes to BB Cream: from the palest skin tone, to the ebony shades, just the enough to rock the bare naked catwalk trend.
But don't forget: fashion fades, style is eternal! There's no crime in sparkling up those eyes and lips with a little bit of fun and color.

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