Thursday, March 6, 2014

These foods are ruining your skin !

I'm pretty sure Leonardo Da Vinci and Picasso didn't chose bumpy and stained white canvas for their masterpieces, they wanted the best, clean & smooth canvas. And it's the same with makeup: a smooth and healthy skin is the best canvas for a flawless makeup. And how to achieve that? Well, there are two ways: Exfoliators, moisturizers and beauty masks; and nourishment.
The rule number one for perfect skin is: drink plenty of water, the rule number two: don't go to bed with makeup on. As for rule number three, a list of forbidden foods that ruin your skin:

  1. Chocolate: it increases the production of interleukin -1b, a marker of immune system inflammation, which causes an increase of the inflammation due to acne.
  2. Sugar and high carb foods: they will increase your insulin levels causing the skin to create more sebum (oil).
  3. Dairy: Not only they will increase the insulin levels as well, but removing the fat from the milk (to become skim milk) means more lactose (sugar) which will contribute to rosacea and acne.
  4. French fries: they lack nutritional value, lack antioxidants, which are essential fighting the free radicals, and are very high in salt (that will create bloating and puffy eyes).
  5. Alcohol: it dehydrates, and this is reason enough to be careful. 
We're not saying you should stop for good the consumption of all these foods for good, but remember: moderation is key!

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