Monday, March 10, 2014

Pamper yourself in just one hour

To take advantage of this 1 hour in the best way, here are some coordinates you can do:

  • 5 minutes:

Start treating the face , wiping the skin well . Then apply a scrub (which can be homemade ) and remove the dead cells from the face, smoothly .

After removing the scrub, apply a mask ( to moisturize , firm or clean the pores , for example) .

  • 5 minutes:

While the mask works , let's move to the hair hydration . Damp your hair and put a deep hydrating mask on your hair, particularly on the ends. Put an old warmed towel ( wet it with hot water and twist it ) around the head, leaving the mask acting.

  • 5 minutes:

Now let's turn again to the face: remove the mask and apply your daily serum and moisturizer.

  • 15 minutes :

While hair mask works, let's move to the nails: make sure the nail polish is good or if it needs some retouch. If you don't like bold colors, try the soft ones instead: milky white or light pink - a simple touch that makes all the difference .

  • 15 minutes :

Having the nails completely dry, let's jump to the bathroom . Exfoliate the skin of the body, preferably by placing the scrub with dry skin also for a more effective action. Give particular attention to the rough areas of the body such as knees , elbows and feet .

Then wash body and hair , removing the mask and applying the shampoo and conditioner .

  • 5 minutes:

After the bath, moisturize well , with a cream or oil of your choice . Re- hydrate the face, which, with the warm bath water tends to dehydrate a bit .

  • 10 minutes:

After hydration pick up an outfit that will make you feel special and do a natural makeup look. Just 5 minutes is enough to achieve a simple but at the same time, beautiful makeup .

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