Saturday, March 22, 2014

How to avoid tired eyes

Having tired eyes is something that affects many people, whether you spend too much time looking at your computer screen, or TV, or had a bad night of sleep or... it just simply happens!
Here's some tricks to prevent that to happen:
  • When removing your eye makeup, be gentle: the skin around your eyes is very thin, and rubbing the makeup remover around them can make the skin reddish and irritated. Plus, if you're gentle, you'll prevent future wrinkles.
  • Still on the subject of removing the makeup: don't rub the cotton pad from the way down, as the black mascara and eyeliner will be deposited right under your eye bag, giving the illusion of even darker eye circles. Instead, rub the cotton pad in small circles. 
  • Cucumber slices are not a myth: try applying them in your eyes, after removing the makeup, to freshen up your eye area.
  • A washcloth damped in Younique's Rose Water is great to give back vitality to your face. It also helps to clean the area in a gentle way without damaging the tissue.
  • Apply concealer: it's still the best option to cover the dark circles and enhance your eyes instead of the eye area. Younique Minerals Concealer is great, as it is free from chemicals, preservatives, oils and perfumes.

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