Thursday, March 6, 2014

Make up essentials to carry on the bag

You don't have to carry your whole necéssaire with the whole range of eyeshadows and blushes that you own. But having some essentials in your purse can save the day, like when you leave home in a hurry without having the time to do any makeup whatsoever or when your colleagues invite you for that after hours drink at the new hip pub, or the party you totally forgot you were invited to.
Carry some wipes, there are brands who have small sized packages or pocket versions. Not only they will clean the oiliness and pollution residues but also will give your skin some moisture. Carry a BB cream, a concealer, a black kohl pencil, a mascara and colored lipstick like rose or red. The BB Cream is enough coverage for both day and night, it will even your skin tone. If you have that party after work that you had forgotten, apply some concealer under your eyes to make you look less tired. With a black kohl pencil you can draw a few lines on your eyelids and smudge with your own finger, and make another line on your lash line to give more definition to your look. The mascara will make the final touch by creating volume and depth to your look. Double the layers of the mascara if you're going to that pub or party. Last but not least: the lipstick. If you chose rose or red tones you can also use it as a blush, just smudge a little bit on your cheeks with your finger and you're ready to rock that party.

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