Monday, March 10, 2014

The right foundation

There are 3 types of foundation: a compact , cream and fluid
Why choose one over another ?  

  • Compact foundation - It is suitable for all skin types ; - For those who like a textured powder, semi - matte , velvety and prefers an application sponge ; - Perfect to bring in the portfolio , as turns out to be very compact and allow retouches throughout the day ;   

  • Cream foundation - Ideal for drier skins ; - For anyone who is a fan of rich textures and moisturizers ; - The application is done with the aid of a brush or with the fingertip ;   

  • Fluid foundation - Is the preferred normal to oily skin , precisely because of their lighter , fresh and oil-free texture; - As the base cream , the application is also made with a brush or your fingertips ;   Need help choosing your base ? In the next post some suggestions for bases !

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