Tuesday, April 1, 2014

A Guide to Countouring

Contouring is one of the best techniques in makeup, because when well done, it can magically change your face, improving your best features and making everyone look like a fashion magazine model. On the other hand, when it's not well done, the results can be dramatically drastic.
The 3 main products for a perfect contour isn't just your regular foundation plus a darker one to create the "shadow". For a perfect countouring you will need your regular foundation (because contouring in a skin without foundation can look really fake and unnatural), a bronze powder, preferably with no shimmer, or a darker foundation.
It can be either a powder formula or a cream formula, in both cases, make sure you blend the products really well, for a natural finish (both from Younique). A great set of brushes is highly recommended, since they are designed to buff the product in a natural way. Try the Younique brushes, as they are very good quality brushes that won't leave the cakey effect.
You also need a blush, for a healthy glow in your cheeks, and a little bit of the illuminator. Illuminator isn't exactly essential, but it will give you a nice glow of a fashion magazine model.

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