Monday, April 14, 2014

How to Apply Mineral Foundation

Step 1: Apply moisturizer first;
Step 2: Swirl the brush into the Touch Pressed Powder Foundation, then tap the brush to dust off the extra powder. The ideal is a Kabuki brush, since it's big enough to cover a large area of your face. An inferior brush might make it look artificial;
Step 3: Apply the foundation on your skin in circular motion. It's preferable to start lightly on the cheeks, moving off to the side of your face. The brush isn't just going to dust the skin with powder, it is going to buff the powder, helping it to adhere to the natural oil of your skin. The more you buff, the heavier the coverage will be.
Step 4: Set it with a setting powder, or a setting spray.

Extra tips: If you use a powder concealer, you can apply it after the foundation with a Concealer brush, blending it with the powder. But if you use a cream or liquid concealer, make sure you apply it before the foundation.
You can also use a  primer, like the Moodstruck Glorious Face & Eye Primer from Younique, after the moisturizer and before the foundation application, to ensure a durable look through the day or night.

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