Saturday, April 19, 2014

6 Steps For Strong Nails

  1. Apply a base coat;
  2. Be careful with what you eat: nails need vitamins and proteins to grow strong and healthy. They will reflect what you eat, the same way your skin and hair will;
  3. Let them breathe: Wearing nail polish over and over again might be harmful for your nails. Let them breath once in a while, like one or two days without any chemicals on your nails;
  4. Stop biting them!
  5. Always wear gloves when cleaning the house, hand washing, and managing other chemicals soaps and products;
  6. Switch the old school acetone for a nail polish remover. These tend to be less aggressive to the nails.
Extra tip: When you apply your regular moisturizer on your face, like the Younique Brilliant Daily Moisturizer Gel, don't get rid of the excess of product. Instead rub it through your hands and nails, to keep them hydrated.

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