Saturday, April 12, 2014

Kohl & Kajal VS Black Liner : Learn the Difference

Black pencil, black liner, eyeliner, these are the most common names for one of the most important staples in every women's makeup bag. Ever wondered what's the difference between these two weird names: Kohl and Kajal? They're the same formula, made from lampblack and other natural ingredients, with a soothing, cleansing and protective purpose against eye infections and sun glares. It's a much softer formula than the regular black liner, which is perfect for smoky eyes, grunge makeup style and when blended it can work as an eye shadow as well.
Eyeliners or black liners in pencil are more precise therefor with a drier formula and they don't smudge that easily. Some formulas are even waterproof.
You can also use Mineral Pigments in a wet form, like Risque and Corrupted from Younique and apply them with a Liner brush to achieve the black liner effect, and smudge it for a more grungie effect.

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