Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Common Mistakes on Cleaning Your Skin | Part.2

Following our last post about the most common mistakes women do with cleaning their skin:
  • Using too much product: Don't exaggerate because it will only make you waste your product. Apply only the quantity of product mentioned on the packaging label.
  • Cleaning your face with a dirty towel. Always use a clean towel or cotton pads.
  • Rub your towel on your face: really, stop doing it, because it's too aggressive and will only make you gain premature wrinkles.
  • Not moisturizing: cleaning your skin without moisturizing will only make your skin to break and, again, age them and make it gain premature wrinkles. Make sure to use a good moisturizer, like the Younique Brilliant Moisturizing Gel, a restorative facial moisturizer that is formulated to leave the skin hydrated, energized, and healthy as it nourishes the skin with powerful ingredients. Brilliant leaves your skin feeling revitalized, toned, and radiant. 
  • Touching and bursting zits: really, stop doing this, or you will just be spreading the bacteria out, causing other zits to appear. Plus, it causes scarring on the face.
  • Keeping the cosmetics in the Bathroom: it's convenient, we know that, but the bathroom is a place that gets too hot and too moist which may cause some products formulas to change, and bacteria to grow.
  • Not cleaning the makeup brushes: a dirty brush is like Disneyland for bacteria. Make sure you clean them at least once a week.

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