Thursday, April 17, 2014

Avoid Common Makeup Mistakes (for the +40's)

Don't give up on using makeup just because you're older, just follow these simple tips on how to get a good makeup look being +40:
    1. Avoid using base creams that are too rich, opt for a the Younique's BB Cream instead, as it will give you coverage, it's lightweight and suitable for every skin tone.
    2. Remember that mature skin is very thin and tends to dry, so don't forget to apply a good moisturizer before the makeup, like the Younique's Brilliant Daily Moisturizer;
    3. Avoid overdoing the powder, as it will settle between the wrinkles, amplifying it. Also, as mentioned before, with age skin tends to be drier, therefor by overdoing the powder you might get the artificial "cakey" effect;
    4. Avoid bronzers, and any products with orange tones, as they will make your complexion darker and not luminous;
    5. Avoid heavy eyeshadows and blushes;
    6. Go easy on the mascara and eyeliner;
    7. Use light colors on your lips, like soft pinks and nudes.

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