Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Common Mistakes on Cleaning Your Skin

  • Wearing the wrong products
Make sure you're wearing products conceived for the face. Never use body or hands products, as their formulas differ and can be too aggressive, making your skin to break down and get allergies and zits.
  • Clear the skin without removing the makeup
  • Even though there are products to clean the skin and to remove the makeup, it's better to remove the makeup first with a cotton pad and a specific product, and clear the skin after, with a specific product like the Younique Awake Facial Cleanser, because it will help to remove the impurities, the makeup remains and will boost and revitalize the skin.
  • Exfoliating daily: the feeling of super soft skin might be addicting, but limit it to one to twice a week or else you might be ripping off the skin's protection.
  • Not washing your hands first: really, wash your hands first. You don't want to bring germs and rub them in your face.
  • Hot water: it's too aggressive, the best way is to use warm water and finish it with cold water, in order to close the pores.

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