Monday, May 26, 2014

How to contour your face like a celebrity

contour like a celebrity

The contour of the face is often used by celebrities to highlight strengths and minimize weaknesses. It is simply the act of using light and dark colors in makeup to define the points of the face.

Where to apply the highlighter?

The highlighter is critical to emphasize the points where you want to brighten your face, and you can apply it in the center of the forehead extending the brightness to the tip of the nose. Also, you can apply a little bit of highlighter under the eyes, extending to where the nose starts.

Where to apply the bronzer to define your features?

To define the lines in your face use a brush to apply a bronzer or a powder a shade darker than your skin. You can apply the bronzer from the sides of the forehead into the eyes, but remember: In the forehead the bronzer should be well mixed especially where your scalp begins. You can also apply some powder in the concave part of  your eye - upper side of the eyelid - extending it to the sides of the nose. It will make your nose look thinner. Never forget the neck.

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