Saturday, May 24, 2014

Make Up Trends 2014: Neon

Neon Makeup

After two posts showing you some ideas for a natural look, it's time for an injection of color.

The neon colors have a great variety of shades which makes it much easier to please women. This type of make up needs to be applied carefully because it is very flashy and it requires good judgment when choosing the shades, and also the locations where you will be showing it.

Shades of blue are perfect for black skin, but a correct combination implies some nude colors to balance the look. A graphic design in your eyes is modern and enhances the neon makeup, winning sophistication when combined with the nude lips.

Younique presents you a selection of Pigments, Lip Glosses and 3D Fiber Lashes to help you complete or enhance your neon look.

The Neon Make Up trend is a great idea for a summer look out of the ordinary, and nothing monotonous.

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