Wednesday, May 28, 2014

How to Save a Broken Eyeshadow Palette

If you dropped your eyeshadow palette, we would like you to know that it has solution.

Put a little bit of alcohol,  and drop it into the remaining eyeshadow that you were able to recover. Please avoid picking up the eyeshadow that is in direct contact to the ground. Make sure the amount of alcohol you are dropping in is enough to make the powder obtain a pasty consistency and not watery.

With a toothpick start stirring until you get that pasty consistency. With a paper towel press against the paste that has formed and massage it. This will cause the alcohol to be sucked into the paper and the powder will be compacted again.

And it's done, just clean up what was released into the palette, not to make a mess.
Leave the palette open so that alcohol can evaporate.

Note: Use only alcohol, water may not dry completely and it will end up creating fungus in makeup!

If after this procedure you still can't save your palette please check Younique Pigments. The colors are in independent recipients, and if you drop one, well it's only one that you have to save!

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