Thursday, May 29, 2014

Wedding: What Makeup Should You Wear?

wedding makeup

If you are planning your big day, this text is for you.

A future bride has many things to decide and organize before the Wedding: Ceremony, Reception, Guests, Flowers, etc. But the most important on that day is YOU, the Bride. And, that's also the best part: deciding which dress you will be wearing, hairstyle, shoes, and of course makeup.

One thing in common in bridal makeup is the simplicity and the "angelical look" effect. We have to agree that a Bride will look good anyway, but it's important to emphasize that if you are planning to accentuate your eyes, you should apply a light/nude color for the lips and vice-versa. In this set of images that we researched for you, it's obvious that this "rule" was followed. And, you can also check the hairstyles.

For a perfect, flawless makeup please take care of your skin first. Apply a Facial Cleanser and a good Moisturizer. Then, proceed with your usual Makeup routine, and don't forget to keep it simple.

It will be a great day, so be sure to give people good reasons to discuss. Dazzle!

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