Thursday, May 22, 2014

Make Up Trends 2014: Orange Lipstick

The Orange Lipstick is so vibrant that you will light up any room. If you are afraid that this colour won't look good on you, be advised that there are many different shades that will certainly go well with your skin complexion.

If you are a blond bombshell, you can be sure that most pale skinned women can wear, without fear, the most open and vibrant hues, but it is important that in these cases, the shade used in the eye is neutral and subtle, not to weight the visual. Please check out the Younique Pigments. The Angelic, Sexy or Confident are excelent options to "neutralize" your look.

Being a sexy brunette is not the best when it comes to vibrant colors, as it may be a little exaggerated, especially when you are tanned, so the lighter versions are the best option. Invest in a coral or peach shade.

On the other hand, if you are a mahogany goddess, almost all shades of orange will look great on you.

Younique offers you a collection of Lip Glosses that you can apply to finish the look. These Lip Glosses will make your lips look fuller and wet. They are very smooth and highly-pigmented, and you can have them in bright, bold, or subtle colours, like an Orange Lipstick should be. Ladylike, Lethal, Lovesick and Luxe are the options to combine.

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