Thursday, May 29, 2014

Why You Souldn't Sleep With Makeup?


There are many reasons why you shouldn't go to bed before cleaning your makeup. Below you can find the reasons why you shouldn't sleep with makeup:

  • Makeup dehydrates your skin; 
  • Makeup leaves your skin dull, with no natural shine; 
  • It will clog the pores, preventing the skin from breathing; 
  • Contributes to growth of blackheads and whiteheads; 
  • Accelerates the skin aging process; 
  • It will make your skin look older; 
  • Increases proliferation of bacteria in the skin itself, reducing its oxygenation; 
  • For those who have oily skin, it further increases the oiliness of the skin; 
  • For those who have dry skin, it further increases skin dryness. 

And your pillow always looks like it's been through a war!

So please be sure that you always remove your makeup at night. To complement the process, clean your skin with Rose Water. It's a versatile beauty application in full bloom! Pure and natural.

And, no more panda eyes!

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