Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Makeup Tips for a Night Out

makeup for a night out

At night , you can abuse a little more in makeup, but always be careful not to exaggerate. If your eyes are well accentuated, do not overdo the lipstick and vice versa .

Prepare the skin, hiding the imperfections, it's also important at night. So, follow the same procedures of the day, leaving your skin flawless.

In this preparation, a product that makes all the difference is the illuminator/highlighter. Choose to apply it in strategic places: inside the eyes (to open the eyes) and cheekbones. Also, please check our previous post How to Contour your Face like a Celebrity.

Colored, metallic, dark... play with the eye shadows, which may be the most diverse that you can find. Apply lots of eyeliner and put on some fake eyelashes, this will give an "upgrade" to your eyes.

Like we always advise, pay attention to the occasion and the location. These should serve as an indicator of the sophistication that your makeup should have.

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